Monday, March 28, 2011

Romantic Tiers

Or should i say....wannabe :D Seems like i have to learn more to arrange the contents in these bamboo tiers.
Well, i have to say my deep sorrow and disappointment, because my friend's foodie-picture of one of her cook hijacked and used as a medium of promotion without any source of credit. What a shame of the person who use this picture without any permission. :(
I was a little angry because I am an art worker too. My husband's work colleagues' design are  even stolen by foreign architects as well as a means of promotion, without permission. And I know exactly how it feels to be treated like that, because my work had previously been treated in the same way too. I also sometimes had indeed been doing the same thing, but only to the common designs that are provided free of charge for use by the general public. Not the design that has been stamped by the owner as his work and exclusive. Cause really, those are mean! Please, stop the artwork piracy. 

I was trying to make the bento seen as romantic as possible. I'm using the bamboo tiers and put the flowers patterned tissue papers as the base. But....

seems I'm not quite O.K with the angle of the picture. So the content of the food does not seem ..too visible.
Well, I took the close-up pictures then :

These are the sushi tier. I mix the rice with the rice peel oil. The texture becomes softer, fluffier and slippery. I use the pure oil, because in fact in Japan, this oil added with a mixture of sake ( rice vinegar maybe). But since I do not really stand the taste, i use the pure one. It's been pretty ok! :D

These are the side dishes. I made chicken yakiniku here, and saute bean sprouts with tofu. I also made traditional pasta. It's spaghetti, but with no bolognise sauce. Instead of minced meat, i use sting ray meat. To reduces the fishy smell and taste, i use kencur (or cekur-malaysian  and pro hom--Thailand). I don't know exactly the english word for this, cause when i read the Wikipedia it says : "In the international literature (English) frequently occurs in chaos by calling kencur as lessergalangal (Alpinia officinarum) and zedoary, which is actually a different species and is not a substitute spices" :( Sorry girls, Anyone of you who know the name?

Well, i also made him a miso soup. I know that i have to use 'miso' so that it can be called as miso soup. But since i don't have any, I use the simpler recipe--
can be seen from the clear broth. But trust me, it has the similar taste with the original miso soup.

12:11 PM
On facebook, my friend asked me to write down the miso recipe here. So then, i will.

you'll need :
Japanese tofu, small diced
vegetable oil to saute (i use the rice peel oil)
garlic, thinly sliced
pepper and salt to taste
chicken broth
fish sauce
scallions, thinly sliced

How to: 
  1. saute garlic until fragrant and browned
  2. add the broth, and cook until boiling
  3. season with pepper, salt, and fish sauce. stir well
  4. add the tofu and the scallions, simmer until cooked

that simple! :D  
*ps : anyway, I've wrote down this in Indonesian version too--and there were the step-by-step making pictures too as the guidance. click this link. :)

A fruit fiesta! Apples, fresh oranges, and sultanas. The small containers behind the fruit are for the sushi compliments of wasabi and soyu. 
Here they are if the lids are on. 

And  another portion for hubby's coworkers : 
hahaha, the picture even more clearly to show the contents here :D ..

Oh, whatever.. :D 
Hubby said, the tastes are adorable! :D So that's enough for me ^^ 


na said...

kawaiii...let's go for a picnic at the park...kkk..

Bunda zahraa said...

@na : thanks Na!! :D yippie, don't forget to bring the Frisbee ok :D

tatabonita (y-rahmasari) said...

My great gratitude for your sympathy :D. Yeah, I know it's kind of hard work to erase artwork piracy, but with this reminder we want to let the irresponsible men who like to steal our photos that blogger-sphere does have ETHIC and that they should give respect to the work of others. The bento has looked already romantic for me btw :D

Bunda zahraa said...

@tata: yes tata, I 100% agree!! thanks ta, T___T :D

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