Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another day for Bibimbap !

Yeeee-aaaaay!! ^___________^
I did it !!

Hubby asked me to bring him a bimbibap bento again. What a chance :) So I can give a try again to pay the disenchantment about yesterday's bimbimbap.
I've found the secret, to keep the veges' color and freshness. And I'm so delightful for this bento.
Hubby said, the taste is more delicious than yesterday. Therefore, he had added another portion for his breakfast this morning.

So, i did what I've said yesterday, about wiping clean the pan every time you want to saute the different ingredients (i use tissue for this). Then I also cooked the veges that need no seasoning but salt--first. Actually, you can saute the ingredients with no worry by using different pans. But--of course, we don't need any extra dishes to wash later. So, by using only one pan, but still can keep the veges fresh after sauteed--is cool. :D

Today, i made him extra snacks too--or say it as the dessert--it's potato pancakes with milk vla and raisins. I'll share you the recipe.
For the pancake, you'll need :

1 1/2 cups of  wheat flour
a fist hand-big of potato, steam and mashed it
2 tablespoon of caster sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder
60 gr of liquid butter
2 eggs
1 cup of fresh milk
and salt
Mix all the ingredients. Stir well, you can use a blender to make this faster and smoother. This dough is good enough for about 11-13 sheets of pancake. 

For the vla, you'll need:

Plain fresh milk
cornstarch, dissolved with 2 tablespoon of fresh milk
1 yolk, beaten

Simple, mix all the ingredients--except the yolk in a small soup-pan. Boil it then turn the heat lower. 
Take some vla-solution, add it to the yolk, stir it well and fast, and put it back to the pan. Stir it fast, then turn off the heat. Chill it. Put it in the fridge. 
For the serving-suggestion, take a sheet of pancake, give raisins, and roll it. Pour the pancake-roll with vla, and give strawberry slice as the garnish. There you go :)

oh, this one is for my brother in law. He's having a birthday today. But since we live in the different cities, i sent him a photo--today's cake--as his birthday present. Happy birthday !! ^____^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bibimbap! Korean dishes in Hubby's bento

My friend, Fania, recommends  me to make bibimbap for my hubby's bento menu. For your information,
Bibimbap (Korean pronunciation: [pibimbap][1]) is a popular Korean dish. The word literally means "mixed meal." Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.[2] It can be served either cold or hot.
Vegetables commonly used in bibimbap include julienned cucumber, zucchini, mu (daikon), mushrooms, doraji (bellflower root), and gim, as well as spinach, soybean sprouts, and gosari (bracken fern stems). Dubu (tofu), either plain or sautéed, or a leaf of lettuce may be added, or chicken or seafood may be substituted for beef.[2] For visual appeal, the vegetables are often placed so that adjacent colors complement each other.
so, I made it this morning. But i guess, i'm not good enough in making this today. I presume it's because i didn't concentrate in sauteing the veges, and i suggest you--if you want to make this--always remember to wipe the pan clean before you start to sauteing the other vegetable after you did to the vegetable one before, even though the seasoning is the same. It will help to keep the color of the sauteed veges. Well, this is bento si ayah's version for its bibimbap:

Cooked rice
a package of bean-sprout
a bunch of spinach (i use water spinach because it has a crunchy texture and taste better when sauteed)
2 small size of zucchinis
5-7 shiitake mushroom
I use chicken as the katsu, but you can use minced-meat/ground beef for the dishes
1 small carrot, eggs 
soy sauce, hot pepper sauce, garlic, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and vegetable oil
  • Firstly-first is cook the rice. You can use a rice cooker or a stainless pot. Next, you need to prepare a large platter to put all your ingredients on. Rinse your  bean sprouts  put them in a pot with a cup of water. Add 1 ts of salt and cook for 2 minutes. Drain water and mix it with 1 clove of minced garlic, sesame oil and a pinch of salt. Put it on the platter.
  • Take 1 clove of minced garlic, saute it with water spinach. add soya sauce and give sugar to it for two minutes. then Put it on the platter.
  • Cut 2 small size zucchinis into thin strips, sprinkle them with a pinch of salt, and then mix them together. A few minutes later, saute them in a pan over high heat. When it’s cooked, it will look a little translucent. Put it on the platter.
  • Slice shitake mushrooms thinly and saute with 1 ts of vegetable oil. Add 2 ts of soy sauce and 1 or 2 ts of sugar and stir it for 2 minutes. Add some sesame oil, and put it on the platter.
  • On a heated pan, put some oil and 200 grams of ground beef and stir it. Add 4 cloves of minced garlic, 1 tbs of soy sauce, 1/2  tbs of sugar, a little grounded black pepper, and sesame oil.
  • Put it on the platter. But if you want to make katsu as the dishes, season the chicken fillet with garlic powder, pepper and salt and let stand for few minutes. take one in to the beaten eggs and wrap with bread crumbs before you fry it with low heat until the chicken cook well.
  • Cut a carrot into strips, saute it for 30 seconds and put it on the platter.
  • prepare eggs with sunny side up. (mine is not too 'sunny', because when i cooked it, i lid the pan)
  • Put your rice In a big bowl, and attractively display all your vegetables and meat t. Place the sunny side up egg on the center. Serve it with sesame oil and hot pepper paste. Lastly, mix it up and eat!
 There you go! ^____^d

In the other tier, i gave him baked potatoes with extra cheese. Maybe i baked it in the conventional oven and it was too hot, so the cheese looks slightly charred. And gave him fruits of strawberries, black grapes, sunkist and guava. I did put some low-fat raisins too. 

Meanwhile, i also made the baked potato with pasta for sale today. One of the buyer messaged me, and he said : DELICIOUS !! oh well..thank you so much :) My hubby insists to name this with "Mac Potato"... Oh well, as long as he pleased..that's ok with me :D :D

Oh, almost forget, choose a good quality of potato. 

Brush the peel and rinse for 2-3 times cleanly, so that you could eat the peel too. Before you bake it, steam it first. It will give you a finer-texture potato. :) 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friends' bento works : Marathon posting

Hai amigos ! I know..i didn't make any bento for today. I'm a lil bit exhausted with these few days' home-working. But don't worry, I'll post my friends' creations. I promised them to post their bentos, but i didn't do that recently. So, enjoy them now. They're awesome!

My 'loyal partner' in making the bento (i said 'loyal' because she always consistent in making the bento almost every day among my other mates, and we always give best responses to one another works). Well, these are Rina Shofiyah's bentos ^__________^ (i'll post my favorites ones..they're mouth watering) :

Click on the picture, if you want to see it bigger

The first one, at the left side, is her today's bento. She made mushroom burger (but since she didn't eat it with burger bread, so she sliced it like a stick), plain rice mixed with green peas, kimchi (oh, i'll write rina's version of kimchi later), fried quail  (mini but cute), plus honeydew and strawberries....
The second one, at the middle, that's my most favorite one, is katsu that made like chicken cordon bleu. But instead using salami for its filling, she used kimchi and cheese as the center pieces. Great idea, isn't it?
Then the third one, the right one, it's her last night-dinner. She made spicy instant noodle and she mixed it with..guess what..kimchi too!! ^^ oh well, this is her kimchi week!

For your information,
Kimchi (김치; pronounced /ˈkɪmtʃi/, Korean pronunciation: [kimtɕʰi]), also spelled gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee, is a traditional fermented Korean dish, made of vegetables with varied seasonings. Kimchi may also refer to unfermented vegetable dishes.[1][2][3] There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi, made with a main vegetable ingredient such as napa cabbage, radish, green onions or cucumber.[4] Kimchi is the most common banchan, or side dish, in Korean cuisine. Kimchi is also a main ingredient for many popular Korean dishes such as kimchi stew (김치찌개; kimchi jjigae), kimchi soup (김칫국; kimchiguk), and kimchi fried rice (김치볶음밥; kimchi bokkeumbap).
(find the article here)
Rina's kimchi

Kimchi varieties are determined by the main vegetable ingredients and the mix of seasonings used to flavor the kimchi. But here, she gave the simplest kimchi version. You'll need:

chicory, sliced to bite size
carrots, long grated
white radish, long grated

For these veges, wash them carefully, then marinade them in salty fresh water for one-a half till 2 hours. Meanwhile, lets make the sauce. For this, you'll need :

pear fruit juice
chili powder
ginger, grated
garlic, grated
fish sauce

mix them and pour to the veges. Add some chopped scallions, if you desire. Now, put all the ingredients in a glass-jar, and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you like, you can take it out and eat the kimchi. 

Thank you Rina, thanks for the recipe and lovely sharing.. :) 

The second ones are my new best friend's : Syanti Libriani. She made these as her husband's bentos. She always shy about hers, cause she's not really confident with the arrangement. She's also a working wife, she said that she had no time to make advance arrangement--because she's almost has no time left to prepare the bento before she goes to work. I admire her because she's still eager to make them.  But i assure you,  the bentos are made by a thoughtful and loving wife for her spouse, and it's overcome all the arrangement things and taste. On my facebook, she only tags me at each of her bento. How flattered i am. I can feel how much love she adds to these bentos..and i'm sure these bentos are healthy and yummie :) so here they are :

click on the picture to see it bigger
She made common home-cooking recipes, but she tried to make a balanced food-plan. She added lots of grains (rice), but also put vegetables (like chayote saute),  and protein (like spicy mackerel) to complete it. Moreover she also brought her husband with healthy snacks (pancakes, putu ayu--traditional cake from indonesia, made from rice flour with pandan taste and brown sugar in it) and some fruits to take. Those are masterpieces, and she enjoyed her part to cook for his husband.

Lovely.. :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Local recipe with western ones

Good morning all.. ^^v

Local recipe with western ones--why did i make the tittle? Because today, i combined hubby's bento with traditional curry recipe and western touch in the other tier.

In his 8 centimeters-diameter tier, i put a little white-plain-rice and snaps-dried shrimp curry as the top, with local curry recipe. 

while in the other tier, I put a baked macaroni and avocado-egg salad with toast--See, those are the western ones :D. 

Oh, i also made some mini egg-martabaks (like shrimp-roll, but folded like an envelope and using minced-meat with eggs as the filling). These two menus of macaroni and martabak were also my today's food for sale. 

And the rest, i just put the usual fruits cuisine with mango-juice. 

Oh, let me share the  snaps-dried shrimp curry recipe. 
You'll need :

snaps, oblique slices
peeled shrimp
bay leaves, galangal
thick coconut milk
brown sugar
bouillon powder
mashed this spices :
red chili
red onions

First, saute spices with bay leaves and galangal. Add the shrimp, stir well and the shrimp cooked well. Then add the snaps with the coconut-milk. Cook until the snaps wilted. Add some brown sugar, with bouillon powder, salt, and mix well. Cook till the gravy thickens and dry (leave very little sauce if you want your curry still a lil bit-slushy).
There you go ^^d .. 


Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, I'm in Rush!!

Oh Noooooo.... I woke up at 8 this morning, while hubby should be at his office at 9. So, in time speaking, i still have at about an hour to make hubby's bento--but, the actual, i only have a half hour less!! Those minutes include time for making the breakfast too for us (he asked noodles as his breakfast). So totally, i only have 10-15 minutes left to do some magic in his bento today :((

sorry for the's a lil bit blurry. Not as sharp as usually. So-so-so in rush. -____-'

I only make classic egg-salad with toast and lettuce, while on the other stove, i make cheese omelet with ham and fried a hash-brown potato patty. Arrange some fruits, same like yesterday, but i add some Sunkist-slices. Owwwh.... hopefully these are enough for his long working-day...

Oh, the egg-salad, that's the simplest one. You need :

2 Hard-boiled egg, sliced
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon minced onion (if you like you can use garlic-powder)
salt, pepper
1/2 cup finely chopped celery
Lettuce leaves

Reserve 1-2 center egg slices for garnish, if desired. Chop remaining eggs. Mix mayonnaise, lemon juice, onion, salt and pepper in medium bowl. Add chopped eggs, and celery; mix well. Serve on lettuce leaves, garnish with reserved egg slices. (Amount Per Serving  Calories: 221 | Total Fat: 18.9g | Cholesterol: 323mg)

Oh, i also found this information.  I'll write it here for you;
  • Very fresh eggs can be difficult to peel. To ensure easily peeled eggs, buy and refrigerate them a week to 10 days in advance of cooking. This brief ‘breather' allows the eggs time to take in air, which helps separate the membranes from the shell. 
  • Hard-cooked eggs are easiest to peel right after cooling. Cooling causes the egg to contract slightly in the shell.  
  • To peel a hard-cooked egg: Gently tap egg on countertop until shell is finely crackled all over. Roll egg between hands to loosen shell. Starting peeling at large end, holding egg under cold running water to help ease the shell off.
  • Hard-cooked egg storage time: In the shell, hard-cooked eggs can be refrigerated safely up to one week. Refrigerate in their original carton to prevent odor absorption. Once peeled, eggs should be eaten that day.
  • This recipe is an excellent source of choline, and a good source of protein and folate.
While the omlet, oh that's quite simple too, and doesn't need long time to make.
you need :

2 beaten-eggs
salt, pepper, garlic-powder
2 table spoon of fresh water
mozzarella cheese mix with cheddar, grated
ham (mine is beef one, not the pork)

Mix the beaten eggs with salt, pepper, garlic powder and fresh water. Melted butter in a skillet omelet, and cooked the mixed-eggs. After a half-baked, give some grated-cheese and ham on the omelet's surface. You can also add some vegetables on it, as you desire. Cooked well, and omelet ready to serve. 

I packed hubby's bento in this cute bag. I also put a strawberry-yogurt and a mung-bean drink. Voila, there you go..hubby's bento are ready for a long-tiring working-day! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Thursday

Another simple bento.

Few days ago, we went for some sushi hawker. One of  the menu was sushi that using rice as the cover and nori as the filling. i didn't know exactly the name, but those cute sushi captivated me. So, i made them for today's bento. But since i didn't make any preparation for this, i didn't cook the sushi-rice today. I'm using the regular rice--that make the cover not as smooth as usually.
I gave zucchini and smoke beef besides the tasty-nori (i use squid-taste nori) as the filling and caress the rice cover with chili powder.

I only made four, and those sushi were minis. ^^
See the yellow mozzarella above? that's the topping of my homemade pizza. And the golden brown flower behind the sushi (the one with the green rocket pick) is a chicken-souffle (also baked this morning for him). Both pizza and souffle used carrots as the side ingredients.

For today's salad cuisine--i only mixed lettuce with fresh tomatoes and non-fat raisins. As the dressing, i mix plain salad with sweetened condensed milk. Actually i want to add some cheese and lime juice too, but i ran out those things, so the salad dressing is a very simple one.

And gave him extra vitamins from these fruits of black-grapes, apples and strawberries. He also asked me to brought him a pack of berries yogurt (but i didn't photo it). 

So, these are hubby's bento menus.. aren't they lovely  :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Healthy Bento package

Hai there, long time no see.. ^________^ how's world?

I've absent in making bento for the last few days. Hubby asked me to make him 'a healthy bento' because he felt upset with his distended belly. I've reduced the amount of rice, for recently, and it works for his weight. His weight is stable. But he keep complains about his belly.. :D and demanding me to give him more vegetables instead of protein and fat. Oh ok, i'm not sure this would last longer, but i made him this healthy bento. 

I used three tiers for today, but the size are minis--the largest one at about 12 cm diameter.

At the first tier, as the collection of protein, i bake him macaroni pasta with small amount of milk and cheese. A mashed-potatoes patty, and mini sausages. For the sweet taste, i put some non-fat raisins.

At the second tier, as the healthy fiber, i arrange a garden salad that contains white cabbage, sweet carrot, and cucumber with the dressing. I also brought him green bean juice.

And in the smallest tier, there are tropical fruits as the vitamins : Strawberries, papayas, apple (this is a Malang Apple--grown in malang, east java-indonesia, it has a tight texture, not too juicy, a lil bit sour and a small apple indeed--but taste delicious. Especially if you use it to bake an apple cake), and rose apple. 

I hope these menu are enough for him today. I've told him not to buy any hawkers/foods from outside if he want to keep his belly in shape :D (i guess it also applies on me ^^v).

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Cat

I was slightly less satisfied with the picture today. I don't know why, but they look untidy, and frankly speaking, it's a little bothering. :D

Dealing with bento-ing stuffs, true say, wasn't an easy task. Start from thinking about the menu, how to arrange it, which menu goes first--which would be the last goes in, if you want to take a picture--you need to have a lil' bit imagination for the set, how to package it...ooowh...many of them. My dearest friend said, yes--it's quite stressing--but she thought again, that bento supposed to be providing her with easy but delicious yet tempting lunch, so it doesn't really mater how you decorate it, but taste goes first. I like her quote, and i think that's right. 
But bento-ing is addiction. If we have been accustomed for decorating the bento, next time--if we don't--it's like something lose. 
So, i prefer to say--besides of course the taste: for every decorated things you've done, as long as you've found satisfaction from it, that's the art of bento-ing.  
For this 'Love cat' bento, there were more satisfactions i've got than the disenchantment. :) so, this is bento-ing :D

Well, i cooked the rice with special treatment that i saw from this video. I need to wash the rice-grain at about 4-5 times, with patient. Before i cook, i let the grains marinaded in the water for about a half hour so they'll moist better. It's worthed, i got the sweetest taste of rice ever. The smell is good, the texture softener, and it's shiny. Love it. I put a yellow egg-sheet to cover the rice in the box. cut a silhouette of a cat, and a dragonfly that flies upon her. I use black sesame to make the dragon fly's path. I also put a full-container of raisins as the desserts.

On the other tier, i put long beans stir fry (simple seasonings of garlic, with minced-meat, some fish-soy, salt, pepper and sugar, tomatoes, long beans--off course, bean sprouts, and lime juice!), a tofu-prawn sandwich with the container of the sauce. Gave green things with edamame-peas, bright orange-bed from grater carrot, and a love shape from the egg-sheet. 

While for the soup, i put it on a separated container. The taste of the soup, similar with Thailand soup of tom yam goong--but with simpler seasoning. Here are what you need:

1 ounce of fresh prawns, clean them
1 ounce of fresh squids, cut them
1 carrot, cut into pieces
5 red onions
3 garlics
cayenne pepper (between 4-10, as you like)
1 chopped lemongrass
3 tomato stew
2 red chili, thinly-sliced
2 lime-leaves
lemon juice 
salt, pepper, sugar

First, sauteed the mashed spices (like cayenne pepper, tomatoes, garlic, and onions). Add the shrimp and squids, and the carrot stir well. Pour a litter of broth, cooked well the seafood. 
If the seafood already cooked perfectly, add the seasonings of lemongrass, lime-leaves, red chili, salt-pepper-sugar, and the lemon juice. Boil for a while, then ready to serve. Easy, isn't it? :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blossomed Flower in his bento ♥

Still the same, I'm not feeling well too for today. -______-' I still get the cough and sore-throat, a lil' bit annoying..but it's ok, I guess it is not an excuse to abandoning hubby's needs (even though he said 'stop bento-ing, you need to rest!'). After all, these bento-ing stuffs are my pleasure. :)

well, I've got nothing left in my refrigerator except kailan-veges and chicken-fillet. So, I made only simple menu, not with a thick seasoning. These side dishes, i made them only in 15 minutes. I cooked the chicken with teriyaki-style, and sauteed the kailan with garlic.

for the chicken teriyaki, i marinaded the fillet with black pepper for 5 minutes, then i grilled with the stir onion, and little water--just to make sure that the chicken is cooked perfectly before it got seasoned. As the seasonings, i only add some tomato-sauce, oyster-sauce, salt, pepper (again), and small amount of sugar (be careful, usually oyster-sauce is already tasted salty, and the tomato-sauce tasted sweet. so take a good care in giving those ok?)

See the colorful flowers?
Oh, i only made them with egg-sheet (again, Lia Chen inspired me a lot). I put a small amount of food-coloring and liquid cornstarch, in the beaten-eggs. So, they are 100% safe to eat! :D 

And the greeny rice, i mixed the rice with edamame peas (the japanese peas). The green-rice-bed became a nice base for the flowers. :) Thanks Lia Chen, for inspiring me so much :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just For You hubby..just you.

Yes, I've override him these few days. Making snacks to sell, giving him only little time to be taken care. It's true say, all that excess is not good. And that happen to me. I've worked too hard for this selling-matter, so that my body rejected and I've got cough and fever for today. I guess that's good, so I have time to take care of hubby's bento much better than yesterdays. 

I forgot to say hello, good morning girls ^^

I've made him special menu, i guess, for his bento today. There are brown rice with side dishes of spicy Padangnese ribs (ribs cook with red-hot-condiment), red yams-soup, and tamagoyaki (that made with the Lia Chen's style..thanks dear, yours is better). 
Then I make steamed-bread as cupcake and sweet oranges as the snacks.

So, i've made the ribs last night, because ribs need special treatment to become tender. I gave meat-tenderizer, at about 15 minutes--before i boiled it with chopped garlic and celery at about 15-30 minutes or more. I used the ribs-broth as the broth for the yams soup. So it won't be any wasted materials here. You need : pulverized coarse-of garlic, red-chili, and tomatoes. Sauteed them. Add black pepper, salt, sugar and fresh lemon juice..and put the ribs together. lid the pan, cooked them for about 5 minutes, until the seasonings seep. 

For the soup, oh, it's very simple. Sauteed the chopped-garlic and add the ribs-broth. Then add diced-red yams, chayote, thinly sliced red chilli, galangal and bay leaves. Cook, until it's boiling. Last, add spinach, black pepper, salt, sugar and lemon juice to it. voila, the soup is ready :)

On my few postings ago, I've been showing you my method in making japanese-omelet that we call tamagoyaki. At that time, i use tofu to be added into the beaten eggs. Then i saw Lia Chen's style (click the name, and you'll enter her blog). She made an awesome tamagoyaki. No tofu, only plain eggs, but stylish! :D i love it.

And if you don't have much time to make cupcake-dough, try this  steamed-bread-cupcake.. you just need bread skinless diced--with palm-sugar, brown meses, and cheese on it. Make it two layers. Do the same with the top. Then, pour the fresh milk mixed with egg to the breads. Steam it for 15-20 minutes. While you are waiting for the cupcake, you can decorate your bento ^^v Nice, isn't it ?

Oh, since my hubby doesn't want me to buy another bento trays.. i have to use two separate trays for today's bento. I wrapped them up, with furoshiki style (japanese style in wrapping things using cloth), so they won't be rocking if i put them in the bag.  :) 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A simple-15 minutes bento.

Yes, it takes only 15 minutes (10, i presume). Because i had have to make at about 55 snacks to sell, and i only finished them half way last night. That's why, it took almost 3,5 hours this morning to finished the topping and wrapped them up. :( while, my hubby's bento only took the time left. Im sorry dear.. :(

i made burger-doughnut  for today. i used the heart shape-cake molder to make the donuts. they look adorable..and hopefully delicious too. i only took one doghnut to be put in my hubby's bento. so i don't know exactly the taste was. but my friends told me that the donuts-satay that i made yesterday, they tasted tremendous. with the same ingredients, i made these i guess, it will be tremendous too huh ? :D

oh, i've been trying to make donuts by three different recipes. Two at the first aren't good enough to make--the texture was too hard, or it was not inflate properly..i prefer the third one. let me share the recipe. you need: 

300 grams of wheat flour
2 yolks
3 full-table-spoon of sugar (for me it's sweet enough)
1/2 tea-spoon of salt
3 full-table-spoon of butter
150 ml fresh water
1/2 half-wrap of instant yeast

first, mix flour, with yolks, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, and water. stir the ingredients,  knead well. Rounded dough and let stand 20 minutes, until puffed. Press the puffed-dough, cut and balanced at the same weight for each donuts (i made 4 grams/each for the burgers). Mold the dough (i used the heart-shape cake-molder), and let stand for 30 minutes, until it puffed again.
fry the molded-dough with small heat.

voila! there you go, your doughnut are ready to serve. You can decorate them with chocolate, jam, or even as a burger, like mine. 

Now, for hubby's bento, ooowhh....

i only molded the rice with heart shape, put the chicken saute around it, made some fried-noodles in the other tier, and finished it with burger-donuts, water spinach-spring roll and orange (oh, i cut the orange to two precisely parts, so it gave heart-shape-effect too). a simple-15 minutes-bento! :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rush Monday

Bonjour ! ^^v

After three days with no bento-ing activities, here i come again. Why did it called with 'Rush Monday'? Because I have many things to do for this morning--include making hubby's bento and cakes to sell--while i only have very short time for those.
Well, here is hubby's bento:

I only made him gudeg and pepes ayam as the side dishes. Do you know gudeg? It's one of the Javanese cuisine--Central Java of Indonesia, precisely. Made from young jack-fruit, chicken and hard-boiled egg stew, this dish has a unique sweet and savory taste. I made mine, but i still haven't got the right taste for my gudeg, like traditional gudeg usually has to be. I have to try harder :D

The next menu is pepes ayam--but before we've got there, i'll give you the meaning of pepes itself.
Pepes (also called Pais in Sundanese) is an Indonesian Sundanese cooking method using banana-leaf as food wrappings. The banana-leaf package containing food is cooked on steam, in boiled water or grilled on charcoal. This technique is most commonly used to prepare fish, Pepes Ikan Emas or carp pepes is the most popular one, however another type of food products; such as seafood, meat, chicken, tofu, tempeh, oncom, mushroom or vegetables also available to be prepared in this method. The method is used in several Indonesian dishes, and also become the name of a dish prepared in this manner, for example; Pepes Ikan Emas (carp pepes), Pepes Tahu (tofu pepes), Pepes Oncom (oncom pepes), Pepes Teri (anchovy pepes), and Pepes Jamur (mushroom pepes). Pepes products are typically consumed with steamed rice

While the original pepes used fish as the main ingredient, mine using ayam/chicken. With the same spices like red onion-garlic, hazelnuts, red-chilies, ginger and galangals (all the spices were pounded) --the chicken wrapped with banana leaf, spices, some tomatoes, lemongrass, bay leaves--then steamed for about 30 minutes till the chicken cooked perfectly. You can see how did the pepes look like before i put it to bento, from this picture on the left side.

As the snacks, i made some fried sandwiches (classic sandwiches that wrapped with bread crumbs--mine with salami, then fried), chocolate cupcakes (look the heart shape.. i've enjoyed time to make this shape), and donuts-satay. Give some oranges as the fruit, voila, my hubby's bento ready to take away. :D

These snacks, like donuts-satay and cupcakes, with fried rice noodles--are for sale. I made a half to be sell in a kindergarten near my house, and half part for my hubby's office-mates. I took one satay and cupcake to put in hubby's bento. Hopefully, these snacks are hard-sell!
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