Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A simple-15 minutes bento.

Yes, it takes only 15 minutes (10, i presume). Because i had have to make at about 55 snacks to sell, and i only finished them half way last night. That's why, it took almost 3,5 hours this morning to finished the topping and wrapped them up. :( while, my hubby's bento only took the time left. Im sorry dear.. :(

i made burger-doughnut  for today. i used the heart shape-cake molder to make the donuts. they look adorable..and hopefully delicious too. i only took one doghnut to be put in my hubby's bento. so i don't know exactly the taste was. but my friends told me that the donuts-satay that i made yesterday, they tasted tremendous. with the same ingredients, i made these burger-doughnut..so i guess, it will be tremendous too huh ? :D

oh, i've been trying to make donuts by three different recipes. Two at the first aren't good enough to make--the texture was too hard, or it was not inflate properly..i prefer the third one. let me share the recipe. you need: 

300 grams of wheat flour
2 yolks
3 full-table-spoon of sugar (for me it's sweet enough)
1/2 tea-spoon of salt
3 full-table-spoon of butter
150 ml fresh water
1/2 half-wrap of instant yeast

first, mix flour, with yolks, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, and water. stir the ingredients,  knead well. Rounded dough and let stand 20 minutes, until puffed. Press the puffed-dough, cut and balanced at the same weight for each donuts (i made 4 grams/each for the burgers). Mold the dough (i used the heart-shape cake-molder), and let stand for 30 minutes, until it puffed again.
fry the molded-dough with small heat.

voila! there you go, your doughnut are ready to serve. You can decorate them with chocolate, jam, or even as a burger, like mine. 

Now, for hubby's bento, ooowhh....

i only molded the rice with heart shape, put the chicken saute around it, made some fried-noodles in the other tier, and finished it with burger-donuts, water spinach-spring roll and orange (oh, i cut the orange to two precisely parts, so it gave heart-shape-effect too). a simple-15 minutes-bento! :D


na said...

doughnut is one of my best all time fave food, I usually made them by myself most of the time, but I usually made the one with potato...I like it more, but I never use it as burger...definitely will try it next time...^^
oh I found baked doughnut recipe too, but never had the chance to try it, I might try it this week...arigato lee for the ideas...

Bunda zahraa said...

yg bener itu donut apa doughnut sih ? seingetku emang doughnut, tapi kok dunkin donuts pake donut? tergantung amerika/inggrisnya gitu yak? :D
eniwei, langsung tak ganti semua sama doughnut. ahahah...

yes na, sebenarnya kepengen jg bikin donat kentang itu. tapi belum itung2an lagi, lantaran ini buat dijual sih, bukan buat dikonsumsi sendiri :D it will cost more than the original recipe did--if i use potatoes. i'll try it next time :D

jangan lupa difoto yaaaaa... duh punyamu belum tak masuk2in :(( sabar ya na.. :(

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