Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Thursday

Another simple bento.

Few days ago, we went for some sushi hawker. One of  the menu was sushi that using rice as the cover and nori as the filling. i didn't know exactly the name, but those cute sushi captivated me. So, i made them for today's bento. But since i didn't make any preparation for this, i didn't cook the sushi-rice today. I'm using the regular rice--that make the cover not as smooth as usually.
I gave zucchini and smoke beef besides the tasty-nori (i use squid-taste nori) as the filling and caress the rice cover with chili powder.

I only made four, and those sushi were minis. ^^
See the yellow mozzarella above? that's the topping of my homemade pizza. And the golden brown flower behind the sushi (the one with the green rocket pick) is a chicken-souffle (also baked this morning for him). Both pizza and souffle used carrots as the side ingredients.

For today's salad cuisine--i only mixed lettuce with fresh tomatoes and non-fat raisins. As the dressing, i mix plain salad with sweetened condensed milk. Actually i want to add some cheese and lime juice too, but i ran out those things, so the salad dressing is a very simple one.

And gave him extra vitamins from these fruits of black-grapes, apples and strawberries. He also asked me to brought him a pack of berries yogurt (but i didn't photo it). 

So, these are hubby's bento menus.. aren't they lovely  :)


Angeleyes said...

What a delicious and colorful bento!

Bunda zahraa said...

@angeleyes : thank you. i love the colors too :D people said, the more colorful the food (naturally off-course) the more healthy they are to consume.

KidsDreamWork said...

Wow, the bento look do yummy & yet healthy! I love the colour combination so much!

Bunda zahraa said...

@kidsdreamwork: thanks Ai Ping :)) thank you too for the explanation about inari. so, bean-curd in japanese called 'inari' :D. I use it too to wrap the fried-rice in one of hubby's bento, but i didn't know that they called it with inari. thank you so much :)

Bobo said...

there is even a salad and fruits section.. such a healthy bento!

Bunda zahraa said...

@Bobo: I couldn't find any healthier idea of bento for his belly .. i think besides reducing the food amount, it helps by substituting the regular 'heavy'menus with lots of veges and fruits :D Really, it helps, he lost some weight this week..yeeaay :D

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