Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Healthy Bento package

Hai there, long time no see.. ^________^ how's world?

I've absent in making bento for the last few days. Hubby asked me to make him 'a healthy bento' because he felt upset with his distended belly. I've reduced the amount of rice, for recently, and it works for his weight. His weight is stable. But he keep complains about his belly.. :D and demanding me to give him more vegetables instead of protein and fat. Oh ok, i'm not sure this would last longer, but i made him this healthy bento. 

I used three tiers for today, but the size are minis--the largest one at about 12 cm diameter.

At the first tier, as the collection of protein, i bake him macaroni pasta with small amount of milk and cheese. A mashed-potatoes patty, and mini sausages. For the sweet taste, i put some non-fat raisins.

At the second tier, as the healthy fiber, i arrange a garden salad that contains white cabbage, sweet carrot, and cucumber with the dressing. I also brought him green bean juice.

And in the smallest tier, there are tropical fruits as the vitamins : Strawberries, papayas, apple (this is a Malang Apple--grown in malang, east java-indonesia, it has a tight texture, not too juicy, a lil bit sour and a small apple indeed--but taste delicious. Especially if you use it to bake an apple cake), and rose apple. 

I hope these menu are enough for him today. I've told him not to buy any hawkers/foods from outside if he want to keep his belly in shape :D (i guess it also applies on me ^^v).

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Shannon said...

So pretty!

I love seeing bentos from other parts of the world, it gives me so many more ideas! :o)

Bunda zahraa said...

thank you shannon.. yours are also inspired me a lot. i love to read your reviews about the kid's bento and exciting for every hubby's bento new-coming. :)

mama elaine said...

Yummy bento..itu buah jambunya..hmm..bikin ngiler nih.. :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@mama elaine: ahahaha...padahal ternyata pas pulang kantor, suami mbesengut dan nyodorin rantangnya sambil bilang : "bunda, jambunya ngga abis separo..asem"

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