Monday, February 7, 2011

Rush Monday

Bonjour ! ^^v

After three days with no bento-ing activities, here i come again. Why did it called with 'Rush Monday'? Because I have many things to do for this morning--include making hubby's bento and cakes to sell--while i only have very short time for those.
Well, here is hubby's bento:

I only made him gudeg and pepes ayam as the side dishes. Do you know gudeg? It's one of the Javanese cuisine--Central Java of Indonesia, precisely. Made from young jack-fruit, chicken and hard-boiled egg stew, this dish has a unique sweet and savory taste. I made mine, but i still haven't got the right taste for my gudeg, like traditional gudeg usually has to be. I have to try harder :D

The next menu is pepes ayam--but before we've got there, i'll give you the meaning of pepes itself.
Pepes (also called Pais in Sundanese) is an Indonesian Sundanese cooking method using banana-leaf as food wrappings. The banana-leaf package containing food is cooked on steam, in boiled water or grilled on charcoal. This technique is most commonly used to prepare fish, Pepes Ikan Emas or carp pepes is the most popular one, however another type of food products; such as seafood, meat, chicken, tofu, tempeh, oncom, mushroom or vegetables also available to be prepared in this method. The method is used in several Indonesian dishes, and also become the name of a dish prepared in this manner, for example; Pepes Ikan Emas (carp pepes), Pepes Tahu (tofu pepes), Pepes Oncom (oncom pepes), Pepes Teri (anchovy pepes), and Pepes Jamur (mushroom pepes). Pepes products are typically consumed with steamed rice

While the original pepes used fish as the main ingredient, mine using ayam/chicken. With the same spices like red onion-garlic, hazelnuts, red-chilies, ginger and galangals (all the spices were pounded) --the chicken wrapped with banana leaf, spices, some tomatoes, lemongrass, bay leaves--then steamed for about 30 minutes till the chicken cooked perfectly. You can see how did the pepes look like before i put it to bento, from this picture on the left side.

As the snacks, i made some fried sandwiches (classic sandwiches that wrapped with bread crumbs--mine with salami, then fried), chocolate cupcakes (look the heart shape.. i've enjoyed time to make this shape), and donuts-satay. Give some oranges as the fruit, voila, my hubby's bento ready to take away. :D

These snacks, like donuts-satay and cupcakes, with fried rice noodles--are for sale. I made a half to be sell in a kindergarten near my house, and half part for my hubby's office-mates. I took one satay and cupcake to put in hubby's bento. Hopefully, these snacks are hard-sell!

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