Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spicy Side dishes in Hubby's bento

I'm so..soooo late for writing and uploading the bento today. My families came, so i don't have spare time like usual for doing such things and stay with my laptop :(
Oh well, since they're sleeping, I can do my routines now.. :D
For Indonesian readers, so sorry, I can't write the reviews in Indonesian right now. Give me time, I'll catch up tomorrow, ok?

I'm very pleased for knowing the fact that my friends on facebook, other women and girls, inspired by this blog of bento, and they make their own daily bentos. Especially if they're using recipes or tips that Bento si Ayah gave. I love it !
Wait, I have friends with their bentos to share in this blog--I'll put them here, as soon as I've finished doing my Indonesian review for today's bento, tomorrow.
Anyway, tomorrow is Chinese New Year Day, Gong Xi Fat Choi !! Happy 'Rabbit' year! Hope in this year, you are endowed with prosperity!
(Since it's a holiday in my country, so tomorrow I'll be making no bento for my hubby.  Instead, I'll make my Indonesian review and upload my friend's bentos).

OK, for today's bento, I made him a special chayote veges (In Indonesian we called it as Sayur manisa). Different from the original recipe of chayote veges, besides the common spice, i put a cinnamon in the coconut-milk broth. Grind the spices of garlic, red chili, and brown sugar with ebi/dray anchovy. First, sauteed the chopped red onion, then the spices which have been pounded. After that, give coconut-milk and cook the chayotes and carrots (which have been chopped into stick shape), galangal, bay leaves, and cinammon. Wait until it's boiling, then add shrimp paste, and salt. Voila, it's done. :D
While, i put udang saus padang (Shrimp in Padangnese sauce) in the other tier. It's easy too.. pound some onion-garlic, red chili (make it hot with cayenne pepper), shrimp paste, and some ginger.
Sauteed it, then cook the shrimp. Add some water, and let the seasoning seep, until the shrimp cooked perfectly and the gravy reduced.
Oh, today, I put vary grains as carbohydrate intake. I mixed plain rice, with glutinous rice, some brown rice, and corn crumbs! What a fiber party !! :D

I also steamed some mocha cupcakes last night. I gave one for hubby's bento, and i sell the rest :D
Let me share the recipe tomorrow, OK ? :)
Oh, last, i gave some Chinese orangesto celebrate the Gong Xi Fat Choi ! ^^v

this bento has been published in what's for lunch


TJ said...

Looks so yummy! I love the box, bag, and water bottle you are using.

I have never used corn crumbs in addition to rice, but I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing!

Linsey said...

The box and bag are very cute!

Bunda zahraa said...

Hi TJ ! :) try it! small amount of corn crumbs with rice will satiate longer.

I definitely agree Linsey :D
I accidentally found these on ACE Hardware, but they sell it separately, not as 1 full set. We loooooove the spoon (it can be folded! ^^) and the color. :D

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Yes, the box and bag are awesome! Great bento!

Bunda zahraa said...

Thanks .. :)
So, we're agree in one thing : the boxes are awesome! :D

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