Monday, February 21, 2011

Local recipe with western ones

Good morning all.. ^^v

Local recipe with western ones--why did i make the tittle? Because today, i combined hubby's bento with traditional curry recipe and western touch in the other tier.

In his 8 centimeters-diameter tier, i put a little white-plain-rice and snaps-dried shrimp curry as the top, with local curry recipe. 

while in the other tier, I put a baked macaroni and avocado-egg salad with toast--See, those are the western ones :D. 

Oh, i also made some mini egg-martabaks (like shrimp-roll, but folded like an envelope and using minced-meat with eggs as the filling). These two menus of macaroni and martabak were also my today's food for sale. 

And the rest, i just put the usual fruits cuisine with mango-juice. 

Oh, let me share the  snaps-dried shrimp curry recipe. 
You'll need :

snaps, oblique slices
peeled shrimp
bay leaves, galangal
thick coconut milk
brown sugar
bouillon powder
mashed this spices :
red chili
red onions

First, saute spices with bay leaves and galangal. Add the shrimp, stir well and the shrimp cooked well. Then add the snaps with the coconut-milk. Cook until the snaps wilted. Add some brown sugar, with bouillon powder, salt, and mix well. Cook till the gravy thickens and dry (leave very little sauce if you want your curry still a lil bit-slushy).
There you go ^^d .. 



KidsDreamWork said...

Everything look so yummy here!! And your bento always has such nice colour combination! Love it!

Bunda zahraa said...

@KidsDreamWork: Thank you!! ^___^ thanks too for the lovely comment :)

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