Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blossomed Flower in his bento ♥

Still the same, I'm not feeling well too for today. -______-' I still get the cough and sore-throat, a lil' bit annoying..but it's ok, I guess it is not an excuse to abandoning hubby's needs (even though he said 'stop bento-ing, you need to rest!'). After all, these bento-ing stuffs are my pleasure. :)

well, I've got nothing left in my refrigerator except kailan-veges and chicken-fillet. So, I made only simple menu, not with a thick seasoning. These side dishes, i made them only in 15 minutes. I cooked the chicken with teriyaki-style, and sauteed the kailan with garlic.

for the chicken teriyaki, i marinaded the fillet with black pepper for 5 minutes, then i grilled with the stir onion, and little water--just to make sure that the chicken is cooked perfectly before it got seasoned. As the seasonings, i only add some tomato-sauce, oyster-sauce, salt, pepper (again), and small amount of sugar (be careful, usually oyster-sauce is already tasted salty, and the tomato-sauce tasted sweet. so take a good care in giving those ok?)

See the colorful flowers?
Oh, i only made them with egg-sheet (again, Lia Chen inspired me a lot). I put a small amount of food-coloring and liquid cornstarch, in the beaten-eggs. So, they are 100% safe to eat! :D 

And the greeny rice, i mixed the rice with edamame peas (the japanese peas). The green-rice-bed became a nice base for the flowers. :) Thanks Lia Chen, for inspiring me so much :)


Uniflame said...

And you in turn inspire me again, because I think I missed her post with these tips :) It looks lovely! Get well soon!

Bunda zahraa said...

i've been waiting for you for these weeks :) i miss your comments :D lol
thank you, i think it's getting better now..
try the egg-sheet, yes indeed, it's fun! :)

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