Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just For You hubby..just you.

Yes, I've override him these few days. Making snacks to sell, giving him only little time to be taken care. It's true say, all that excess is not good. And that happen to me. I've worked too hard for this selling-matter, so that my body rejected and I've got cough and fever for today. I guess that's good, so I have time to take care of hubby's bento much better than yesterdays. 

I forgot to say hello, good morning girls ^^

I've made him special menu, i guess, for his bento today. There are brown rice with side dishes of spicy Padangnese ribs (ribs cook with red-hot-condiment), red yams-soup, and tamagoyaki (that made with the Lia Chen's style..thanks dear, yours is better). 
Then I make steamed-bread as cupcake and sweet oranges as the snacks.

So, i've made the ribs last night, because ribs need special treatment to become tender. I gave meat-tenderizer, at about 15 minutes--before i boiled it with chopped garlic and celery at about 15-30 minutes or more. I used the ribs-broth as the broth for the yams soup. So it won't be any wasted materials here. You need : pulverized coarse-of garlic, red-chili, and tomatoes. Sauteed them. Add black pepper, salt, sugar and fresh lemon juice..and put the ribs together. lid the pan, cooked them for about 5 minutes, until the seasonings seep. 

For the soup, oh, it's very simple. Sauteed the chopped-garlic and add the ribs-broth. Then add diced-red yams, chayote, thinly sliced red chilli, galangal and bay leaves. Cook, until it's boiling. Last, add spinach, black pepper, salt, sugar and lemon juice to it. voila, the soup is ready :)

On my few postings ago, I've been showing you my method in making japanese-omelet that we call tamagoyaki. At that time, i use tofu to be added into the beaten eggs. Then i saw Lia Chen's style (click the name, and you'll enter her blog). She made an awesome tamagoyaki. No tofu, only plain eggs, but stylish! :D i love it.

And if you don't have much time to make cupcake-dough, try this  steamed-bread-cupcake.. you just need bread skinless diced--with palm-sugar, brown meses, and cheese on it. Make it two layers. Do the same with the top. Then, pour the fresh milk mixed with egg to the breads. Steam it for 15-20 minutes. While you are waiting for the cupcake, you can decorate your bento ^^v Nice, isn't it ?

Oh, since my hubby doesn't want me to buy another bento trays.. i have to use two separate trays for today's bento. I wrapped them up, with furoshiki style (japanese style in wrapping things using cloth), so they won't be rocking if i put them in the bag.  :) 

added to what's for lunch 


Lia Chen said...

Beautiful and delicious bento! I know your husband will finish all. Lots of love from a thoughtful wife :)

Bunda zahraa said...

thank you Lia :)
he finished them indeed.. as soon as they opened. :D (i guess that's because he's terribly in hunger.. ^________^)

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