Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Cat

I was slightly less satisfied with the picture today. I don't know why, but they look untidy, and frankly speaking, it's a little bothering. :D

Dealing with bento-ing stuffs, true say, wasn't an easy task. Start from thinking about the menu, how to arrange it, which menu goes first--which would be the last goes in, if you want to take a picture--you need to have a lil' bit imagination for the set, how to package it...ooowh...many of them. My dearest friend said, yes--it's quite stressing--but she thought again, that bento supposed to be providing her with easy but delicious yet tempting lunch, so it doesn't really mater how you decorate it, but taste goes first. I like her quote, and i think that's right. 
But bento-ing is addiction. If we have been accustomed for decorating the bento, next time--if we don't--it's like something lose. 
So, i prefer to say--besides of course the taste: for every decorated things you've done, as long as you've found satisfaction from it, that's the art of bento-ing.  
For this 'Love cat' bento, there were more satisfactions i've got than the disenchantment. :) so, this is bento-ing :D

Well, i cooked the rice with special treatment that i saw from this video. I need to wash the rice-grain at about 4-5 times, with patient. Before i cook, i let the grains marinaded in the water for about a half hour so they'll moist better. It's worthed, i got the sweetest taste of rice ever. The smell is good, the texture softener, and it's shiny. Love it. I put a yellow egg-sheet to cover the rice in the box. cut a silhouette of a cat, and a dragonfly that flies upon her. I use black sesame to make the dragon fly's path. I also put a full-container of raisins as the desserts.

On the other tier, i put long beans stir fry (simple seasonings of garlic, with minced-meat, some fish-soy, salt, pepper and sugar, tomatoes, long beans--off course, bean sprouts, and lime juice!), a tofu-prawn sandwich with the container of the sauce. Gave green things with edamame-peas, bright orange-bed from grater carrot, and a love shape from the egg-sheet. 

While for the soup, i put it on a separated container. The taste of the soup, similar with Thailand soup of tom yam goong--but with simpler seasoning. Here are what you need:

1 ounce of fresh prawns, clean them
1 ounce of fresh squids, cut them
1 carrot, cut into pieces
5 red onions
3 garlics
cayenne pepper (between 4-10, as you like)
1 chopped lemongrass
3 tomato stew
2 red chili, thinly-sliced
2 lime-leaves
lemon juice 
salt, pepper, sugar

First, sauteed the mashed spices (like cayenne pepper, tomatoes, garlic, and onions). Add the shrimp and squids, and the carrot stir well. Pour a litter of broth, cooked well the seafood. 
If the seafood already cooked perfectly, add the seasonings of lemongrass, lime-leaves, red chili, salt-pepper-sugar, and the lemon juice. Boil for a while, then ready to serve. Easy, isn't it? :D


Uniflame said...

This looks so nice :) I love the cat :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@uniflame: Thank you dear :) i do too :D
i've found that it's the most exciting part from this bento :)

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