Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hurry up, He'll be late ! :((

Actually, i woke up earlier this morning. But most of my time runs out in making the snacks for sale. Thank god, hubby is a helping and understanding husband. While i'm with his bento, he's willing to wrap all the snacks and count them (even though he knew, that he's late for work T____T)
Thank you sweet heart :*

Today, i made tuna steak and chicken-fillet with sweet and sour sauce. For the chicken's sauce, it should be added with pineapple to strengthen the taste--but since we both not too keen to have that, so i didn't add it. 

I have twice disassemble this tier -____-' it's because i have no idea at all how to arrange today's menu (plus--i ran out the time). So, i just put those in--with the best possible order. I put tomato-rose and kyuri as the garnish (just to make it looks better :[ ).

I have also included shoots pumpkin soup--and sweet corns as the compliment.

Then, in the other container, I put today's snacks of macaroni-fretti and vermicelli spring rolls. By lettuce, i separated them from bananas and strawberries. Oh for your tips, how to keep your bananas fresh longer at home : Cut the banana tip, and DO NOT STORE BANANAS HANGED. The skin may will be brown forward, but inside, it still fresh indeed.

These are my homemade-snacks for sale today. One of my customer messaged me, he said, "overall the taste is good enough, but less seasoning for the spring roll." 
:,(( ooww....
I didn't taste the vermicelli before i wrapped them, so that's my mistake. I'll do better next :D 

And this is how all the tiers packed. I also put mango-milky juice (actually i want to make him the real mango juice, with blender, but since he's already late, so i didn't), fresh mineral water, Fish-crackers,  and vitamin-c. 

Happy working day, hubby ! ^^v 

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tatabonita (y-rahmasari) said...

Wah wah waaah... Enak2 nih, bunda kudu tanggungjawab nih kalo si ayah ntar lagi jd nduuuttt... Hihihii ^^v

Bunda zahraa said...

ehehhe, ini udah berkurang taa... dulu waktu pertama2 bawain bekal buat si ayah, porsinya gede2an :((.
beberapa bulan ini jatah dikurangi, banyakin sayur, udah lumayan turun lho berat badannya :D

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