Friday, March 25, 2011


Good morning Friday!
I'm back!! I'm in a good mood today, since hubby has took me --to the place that i have been dreamed for months--last night. Yes, it called "DAISO", it's a store that sells any japanese stuffs, includes bento stuffs. And I'm so high for being there. I mean, who the hell is she who's not happy to see cute knick-knacks like these? I forgot to take the pictures of the stuffs that I've bought this morning, cause hubby took the camera for work. If not because  I was married and had to save the expenses, i would buy more than what i've bought last night. T_____T

Anyway, this is hubby's bento for today :
it's cute, isn't it? ♥♥
Oh, i love today's bento..soo much :D
I made saute zucchini with corn, sausage in chicken fillet, and meat roll. I put orange slices, apple (I actually carved the skin, but then again, i forgot to take the picture), and strawberries for the fruit fiesta. And fried the pempek. Pempek is traditional snacks from Palembang, South Sumatra--Indonesia. it's like fish meatball--but not always formed as 'ball'. in this bento, we call it as 'pempek kapal selam'--submarine pempek. I know, sounds funny huh :D but i guess the native gave that name because the shape, and and there is stuffing egg inside it. We usually eat pempek with 'cuka'--it's a special vinegar that made from sweet soya, dried shrimp, brown sugar, the vinegar itself (but i prefer to replace it with tamarind), and other spices. Other forms of pempek are many, like 'pempek lenjer', 'pempek adaan', 'pempek kulit', 'pempek keriting' and even some of them make it as the crackers, we call it with 'kemplang'.  

Trust me, it tastes delicious indeed. you should try it someday!

This is the close up shoot for the couple onigiris :

Last night, i've bought the ball rice mold. And, i thought, it will be cute if i make couple for the bento's theme. These cute little rice balls represent us--hubby and me. I used crab sheet as the veil of the girl (cause i'm wearing it right?), and shredded meat as hubby's hair. cut nori sheet as the face, and gave the cheek color from the crab sheet. And i love the smiles :) :)

So, that's all girls.
See you on Monday.
Kisses, Love and Hugs. ♥


mama elaine said...

It's so adorable, bunda! When i'm in daiso, it feels like in heaven..hahaha..i can spend hours in there, just to spot bento tools.

Your pempek kapal selam looks yummy, i only can make pempek lenjer, it's so hard to put the eggyolk inside the fish patties. Yours looks neat and delicious. :)

TJ said...

Awesome lunch box. :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@mama elaine : thank you mommy. i didn't make the pempek by myself, i brought them from my parents' home :D I haven't cook pempek for years. My last was 10 years ago :D Try to use the edge of the glass to enter the egg, slowly and gently. then immediately put into the boiling water. Oh, use the duck-eggs instead the chicken-eggs, they're harder and the egg-yolk are brighter and more red. :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@TJ : Thank you TJ, your comments are always salved me..♥♥

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