Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Sushi

Or--a wannabe-green sushi :D

Actually, the greenness is more visible if you put all the menus in one tier. I'll show you later :)
So, today's bento contains of maki sushi (sushi with kyuri filling), chicken katsu, saute water spinach with sesame seeds, tasty tamagoyaki, corn-edamame salad, and melon. 

The sushi taste wonderful. I guess besides using the right rice, you should choose the right nori to wrap it too. I choose nori that made in Thailand (offcourse you can choose another ones) that 100% vegetarian, no colestrol, more crunchy, and it has variant flavors (i have the original, squid and the spicy. But today, i use the original flavor). For the saute water spinach, i also add oyster sauce to it besides the sesame seeds. It will give a different taste too.

This salad, is corn-edamame salad. I use the same dressing with rainbow-ribbon salad. But it taste different. More savory, i say. Perhaps it's because i'm adding the different salad ingredients. Besides using carrots and apples, like yesterday, i roast the corn first with small amount of olive oil--until browned. Then i add some edamame (japanese green soy beans--i use the salted ones), chopped tomatoes, and green paprika. Put them all together in a big bowl. As the dressing, use another smaller bowl, mix a full spoon of olive oil, with 2-3 full spoon of apple cider, salt and pepper to taste, aaand.....garlic powder!! (so..this is why it tastes different, cause i'm using garlic powder too). Whisk it and taste it first before you mix it to the salad ingredients. 

These are my mini bentos for today sale. The menus are the same menus like hubby's bento. See, i've told you, the greenness  looks better when we put the menus all together in one tier. Like usual, i'm using the food ratio of grains:protein:vegetables in 1:1:1.

Hubby also bring mung beans drink and kiwi yogurt. a-ha..another green-menu! LOLs. Hopefully it's healthy enough for him :)

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