Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blossom♥ : miss you

Cloudy and freezing morning here :) I found out that the plants at the front porch of my house are blossoming, just this morning. I felt a lil bit melancholy when i saw them..

For 8 months I tried to treat them, grow them--some of them were even dying, and i almost gave up, this morning they look awesome..they're blossoming !! I even want to cry...:D and I took these pictures, just this morning.

So, i guess, even though i wasn't plan it to be like this--i discovered that maybe this is the reason why i made this bento for hubby.
Not so blossoming, i know. But i didn't even plan to molded the jelly to flowers shape, and gave the nori tulips on the onigiri. Could it be a coincidence? 

i finally  found my old nori-puncher. This is my first one. Cute and simple isn't it? 

As his menus, 
i made long beans stir fry with oyster sauce, fried potatoes and chicken in condiment, and crispy fried mushroom. 

With these simple fruits
of sweet banana and strawberries. 

ps. Hubby, i already miss you, when you walked out the door and kissed my forehead to go to work. Get home earlier, will you ?

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