Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marathon Posting, again :D

Gee, I've almost forgotten.. that i still have three days of bentos that i haven't post yet. :(
I'll pay it now. :D

Monday, 7th March, 2011

I made these bento-packages for Monday. Named it with 'The Yellow Tones'. I didn't realize before that they have the similar color tones. My Friend said, they look a like color pallet, with yellow tones of paints.

Well, as usually, i put the food in three different tiers.

First, as the side dishes of the plain rice (which cannot be seen here, the rice became the base for the side dishes), i made Chicken slices with coconut spice, grilled tofu, sauteed zucchini, shiitake in soyu, and sunny egg.

In the second tier, i mix curry pasta salad  (mixed of macaroni, sweet carrot--grated, low fat raisins, and apple). For the recipe, i'll share you. :)
you'll need :
1 package uncooked spiral pasta
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
salt to taste
1 apple-peeled, cored, and finely chopped
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup chopped green onions
2 carrots, grated
(you can add crumbled tofu and pine nuts too, if you like. but i didn't)

How to:
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8-10 minutes or until al dente. drain.
In a large bowl, combine the curry powder, salt, mayonnaise and lemon juice.  Add cooked pasta and toss to coat. Then add the apple, raisins, green onions, carrots. Mix well. Serve and enjoy.

Third, i put tropical fruits of  papayas, melons, and sweet ambarella. hmmm...juicy!

I feel it is important to put this photo here,

click at the picture to see it bigger
These are the "bento si ayah's tiers" for hubby with measurements. From my first posting, I've been reminded not to put too much food rations for hubby--my friends said so, my husband too. He said, he's toooo waaaaay tooooo full, and he gains 6 kilos of weight :D, and he's not feeling OK with it. So then i changed my strategy. I adhere to the rules that said: in your bento, put 1/3 part of grains, 1/3 part of vegetables, and 1/3 part of protein with fruits and or salad--to maintain the quality of weight, and healthier off course. Eat regularly, take some exercises, and DO NOT EAT YOUR FOOD AT ONCE--thus, eat the food slowly, and digest well before being swallowed.
if i want to add another rations, i have to reduce the other. so the portion is always in the exact measurement.
I had have told this many times to friends who asked. But they still questioning, whether hubby's food rations excessive or not : "gee, those are  'massive portions'. can he eat them all??".
So, i took this picture to be disclosed, to answer that question. The largest tier is only at 14cm-diameter, and the smallest is only for 10cm-diameter. I use different tiers to seal the taste and the flavor of the food, not only by using separator things (like lettuce or kyuri). Further, this separated containers, make him easier in heating the food or chilling it in the fridge--without scrambling the contents.
In these tiers, I always give him small amount of rice (at about 3-4 tablespoon), so he won't be too full after having his lunch. 
There you go. That's for Monday.

Tuesday, 8th March, 2011
Yesterday's theme is : Lazy day!
Yeah! it was :D I was too lazy to woke up and still eager to slept under my warm-blanket yesterday morning. But then i gave up :D, i thought, i have to make him his bento. Otherwise, he'll be troubled finding lunch from his office. 
So, These are the 'Lazy bento' :

Sorry about the picture. suddenly, after the bento was done, the electricity was turn off. My house is a small one. With small ventilation too. So Usually, i take the pictures from the table in my kitchen with the light's help. But yesterday, i have to brought the tiers to living room-sofa, opened the window widely, and took the picture with natural light. Still, i've done nothing to program the camera. so i've got these pictures, they're not too sharp :(
These three tiers again :) :
in the first tier, i made the egg-rice as the base again, and put black pepper-beef, and saute mushrooms ( i use champignon and shiitake with sweet carrots and corns). I didn't have any rules, any ideas, to arrange this tier. so i just put them there, and gave some kyuri and tomato skin-flower.

the second tier is his salad's section. I made "Ribbon Salad" from sweet carrots and apples. They're so refreshing. I made the sauce with : cider vinegar, small amount of salt, pepper and give some sugar too. then mix with the carrots and apples, and keep them in the fridge.

In the third one, I put a dessert of fried apples in chocolate sauce. hmm..yummie :D hubby said, it was toooooo waaaayyy tooo delicious (LOLs).
That was for yesterday :)

Wednesday, 9th March, 2011
Fyuh, this is the latest and the last post for today. :D
I'm soooooo damn tired *oops.. :D

I put the alarm-clock there, to show that i made today's bento+hawker food, form 6am this morning till 8.25am. It's about 2,5 hours. All the menus are made just now in the morning.
I had have to make 5 portions of bentos (2 were take away), plus foods for sale too. Till this article posted, my house is still look a like 'vessel rupture' (too way to mess. LOLs). But I thought, i have to write this posting to the blog, or i'll forget again. 

Three same tiers :
 First, beside the plain rice, i made singgang ayam (that's a local recipe. ummm, maybe same like, grilled chicken in spicy sauce. You can make it also, all you need are just :

whole chicken, cut it to 4 parts. (or use the breast fillet like mine)
lime juice
lime leaves 
bay leaves
thin coconut milk
salt to taste
for the spices, you'll need to mash these :
red chillies

How to :
Coat chicken with lime juice for 15 minutes. wash it, and drain. Coat it with the spices. set aside.
Saute the onions with lemongrass, bay leaves, and lime leaves. Add the coconut milk, salt, water, and the chicken. Cook well and the gravy thickens.
Put the chicken on the pan that have already coated with butter before. pour with the gravy, and oven it, done with golden-brown color.

in this tier, i also put him a macaroni-schottel as the snack. :)

Second tier is curry leaves of cassava. That's with local recipe too :) 
Friend of mine said, when he saw this on the facebook, suddenly it reminds him to the small Padangneese restaurant near his campus, 11 years ago, and he misses it. oooooow... :,)

The third is the fruit section. today, i brought him fuji's apple, with black-watermelon, and strawberries. 

aaaaand, potatoes-donut too :D Actually these donuts with macaroni-schotel are for sale menu today. Oh, i add some paprika-powder and oregano in the macaroni. I hope they'll enjoy it.

Last, this is bento-package for hubby's work-mate. He asked this from three weeks ago :D (he always asks it for wednesday, i don't know why). I didn't have much time before to do this, but, oh ok..since my hubby said that his working-mate always asking the same question : "is there any bento for me?" for three weeks lately, so he asked me to make him one this morning. This is for you, Abu.

aaaaaaaah...finally :D :D :D
I wanna have some sleep this noon :D
thank you folks, enjoy this :)


windi said...

hhhaaaaaaaaa pake bhs inggris skrg blog na mb za TT________TT

Bunda zahraa said...

hhhaaaaaaa TT_______TT padahal acakadut semua bahasa inggrisnya. I thought it will help the other readers to understand the contents.
google translator kalau menerjemahkan dari bahasa indonesia ke bahasa inggris, terjemahannya bisa amat sangat berantakan dan tidak dapat dipahami. sebaliknya dengan inggris ke indonesia.

Bobo said...

wow.. love indonesian dishes..

Bunda zahraa said...

@bobo: thank you Bobo :) me too, try it one day, will you ? I intend to make Malaysian's too.. hopefully someday, i will :D

Ludicrous Mama said...

These look sooooo yummy! I love the presentation and colors too! Gorgeous!

mama elaine said...

one word: mantabbbbbb... i want one, pleaseeeee... ^^

Bunda zahraa said...

@Ludicrous Mama : Thank you mama :) What a gorgeous comment too.
@mama elaine : one word too : iyaaaaaaa.... hahahaha, thank you dear :) you may visit me here, then we'll have quality cooking time together :D LOLs

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