Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bento si Ayah and its marathon posting :)

Another marathon posting, but this time--not my friends' but mine :D
Yes, i didn't post yesterday's bento since of my laziness -_______-' Gomenasai!
For today, i'll post you the yesterday's bento and the bento that i made this morning.


Yesterday is the last Monday (and day) in February. The cold weather kept me at home--it was raining all day. I was gardening that time, when hubby had left for work. It took my concentration, cause i have to finish the work before the rain gets heavier. So, I've lost my 'blogging spark' after that :D LOLs

I made gindara-grilled with shoot pumpkin leaf-sauteed, yesterday. I know, the fish skin looks awful -____-..that's because i add sweet-soy sauce too earlier at the beginning of grilling-time.  Hubby said, my gindara was awesome and delicious--beyond compare..so joyful, but i guess he was trying to up-lifting my spirit :) though, he asked me again to grilled it for the dinner. But since gindara is an expensive fish here, i didn't make him any (ran out!) for his dinner :)
I also put some macaroni-sushi there. Actually this was my menu for sale, but since i've failed in wrapping the egg sheet, i wrapped the macaroni with onigiri instead. :)

For his fruits basket, i put starfruits, mangoes, and strawberries there. Well, those were hubby's bento for yesterday.

---------->8----cut here------>8-----------

Last night, since we don't have any gindara left, i grilled another fish. It called 'Yellow tail' here (I think it's the same with mackerel, but smaller). Hubby liked it. So he asked me again, to bring this menu as his bento today.

First, season the fresh-fish that had been cleaned, with salt and lemon juice, stay stand for 15 minutes. Then coat the fish with vegetable-oil and grill it with low heat until the flesh cooked well. Some time before you lift the fish, coat it with honey. The honey will caramelized, and give a nice brown-gold fish skin. The put the fish in a platter. Meanwhile, start to make the condiment. In my country, the condiment called 'dabu-dabu'. I don't know exactly why, but this condiment comes from eastern part of Indonesia. You'll need to sliced the red onion-thinly, add some salt and sugar, chopped some tomatoes (better if you have the green ones), chopped some cayenne pepper, add some lemon juice--and pour little hot vegetable oil on it, mix well. There you go, the condiment is compliment to the fish.
I also sauteed him some watercress and cooked him 'belancang shrimp' (i don't know how to translate this to English, so i prefer to keep using the word 'belancang'--it's a local recipe). For this you'll need :
Medium-size shrimps 
Clean them. coat them with salt and lemon juice, stay stand for 10minutes, then fry.
As the spicy, you'll need to grind these: 
red onion
red chilli
shrimp paste
You'll also need these:
Chopped tomatoes
Sweet-soy sauce
and water
Saute all the spices, put the shrimp, tomatoes, add the sweet-soy sauce, scallions, brown-sugar, salt and sugar. mix them for while, then ready to serve. :)
For bento, put some rice as the base, then arrange the side dishes on the top.

oh, i also made him snacks for today. It called 'Macaroni fretti'. Actually it has the same ingredients with baked-macaroni, but in different measure. If baked-macaroni..was offcourse..baked :) fretti was fried :). Oh i made many of them for sale too :))

Here, these are for you :))
 For the fruits, i brought him Cavendish-bananas, sunkist, apple, strawberries and black grapes.

Love the color soooo much!
O, few days ago, friend of my face-book asked me, "i'm curious, how did these tiers stacked together to bring? They even have no same size".
So, i took this picture this morning :

You see, i bought a bento-bag, the small one. Made from plastic, and coated by aluminum sheet, inside. The size is compact-able, it's only 30cm wide. So, you just put the tiers and the compliments here. For today, i brought him apple-drink, mineral water, fish-crackers and vitamin c. Oh, to extra-keep the bento's warmth, you can cover the tier with aluminum-foil before you close it--and plastic wrap for the fruit's tier.

That's all, i've done my 'marathon posting' :)) hope you'll enjoy it.


KidsDreamWork said...

Everything look so yummy and refreshing here!!

Bunda zahraa said...

@kidsdreamwork : thank you dear, what a refreshing comment to :D

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