Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm bento-ing agaaaaain . yeee-aaay! :D

Almost a week with no bento at all. Here i am, with today's newest posting.

I've been selling the homemade-food for these 5 months, and receive orders for bento too. Hubby said, i should make small packages of bento to sell, not only by orders. But i've been too busy with baking and making snacks, so that i have no time left to do that thing. Until yesterday, one of BentosiAyah's friend, tagging me to her picture. That picture showed how she makes bento as her newly-business, inspire by BentosiAyah at first. What a great creativity! Here's the picture :

Windi's bento caterings. She makes this only by order. Same like BentosiAyah at her first catering step, but using the permanent tiers, instead.

Those are awesome, aren't they? So, after seeing that picture, Hubby's idea for making bento packages are sparking again. Thanks to Windi.  I've found out, that making snacks more tired than cooking. So i think, why not, let's try to make a simpler bento and the cheaper ones off course. Usually, i made regular bentos. With regular size too. A portion that enough for lunch. But now, i also make the mini size of bento. Like snacks, but healthier and more filling. A portion is enough for a simple breakfast. These are the mini bentos :

A portion of mini bento contains of 1/3 part of grains (onigiri), 1/3 part of vegetables (today, i made chayote curry. With kyuri and rainbow salad), 1/3 part of protein (grilled fish, and egg stew) with candied papaya as the dessert. So, i assure you, this bento is 100% healthy. :D
I make carrot as the beaks and the topknots  of the onigiri-chicks, while nori as the eyes. Hubby said, these were hot-sale this morning. What a happy me :D LOLs. 

These are the reviews of hubby's bento for today.

See the color? Yes, i love it too ^____^. I know, i've ruined the arrangement. Since i make the mini bentos, hubby' bento exists in distended position--for me to arrange. And i didn't have any time left for that. As usual, i just put those there, and let the camera plays the part :D. Hubby said, orange-yellow-green and red are the colors that evoke appetite. And it's happening  to me now.. i'm in terribly starving :D LOLs. 

in his main tier, there are same menus with mini bentos. But in bigger portion--offcourse. Let me share you how to make the egg-stew of BentosiAyah :

 English Recipe
you'll need to boil some eggs first, then peeled 
for the spice you'll need to mash these: 
salt to taste
And you'll need these too :
sweet-soy sauce
sugar to taste
chicken broth-powder
how to :
  1. Saute the mashed spices along with bay leaves and galangal. 
  2. Pour some water, add the sweet-soy sauce, sugar to taste, and the the chicken broth-powder. 
  3. Put the eggs in, cook until the gravy thickens and marinade seep.
Indonesian Recipe
telur rebus, kupas kulitnya.

bumbu halus :
bawang merah
bawang putih
biji pala

bumbu lainnya:
daun salam
kecap manis
gula pasir
kaldu bubuk

Cara memasak :
  1. Tumis hingga harum bumbu halus bersama dengan daun salam dan lengkuas. Tuang air, beri kecap manis, gula pasir, dan kaldu bubuk. Aduk rata.
  2. Masukkan telur, masak hingga kuah mengental, dan bumbu meresap. 

This is hubby's salad tier.  I put rainbow salad (or ribbon salad, or let's say : rainbow ribbon salad) and home made-candied papaya. As usual, on Wednesday, I also made another tiers for hubby's coworkers with same menu. That's all :) Hopefully he'll enjoy today's bento :D Happy Wednesday girls!!

Please welcome new logos of BentosiAyah :

Hubby made these. And he used BentosiAyah's original bento as the letter of 'O'. 
It's bibimbap edition :). 

As seen on What's for lunch , Wednesday


Uniflame said...

How wonderful! Both the bento and the new layout! I see you have visited the cutest blog on the block too ^^ They have really great layouts :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@uniflame: hi cynni...oooowh, how much i miss you!! yes, i've found this on the cutest blog on the block too. i'm trying to make bentosiayah's own layout and backgrounds, later maybe :)

KidsDreamWork said...

Nice! And hope you can expand your bento business too! How nice that we can make our interest into business isn't it? :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@kidsdreamwork: yes ma'am! :D I also hope so. whoooaa..."bento business" sounds huge :D coool >___<

windi said...

* mata saya berkaca-kaca T_T

tp mb za tuh yg meng-inspired saia wat bikin bento ^o^ ehehehehe

Bunda zahraa said...

@windi: ehehehehe...*hugs...

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