Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday in bad mood -__________-'

Yes, i tell you what, don't ever try to deal with bentoing stuffs, if you're not in a right mood. It does not affect the taste of food, yes, but really affect the quality of the art of arranging the contents. 

I don't know why, it's just that my feelings are not as good as usual.T___T
But I've tried my best.
Look at the background. You'll find a reddish brown-shawl. I made it by myself as a present for hubby on his master graduation day. Years ago, before we were married. I almost could not come that day. And I had not even finished the shawl yet. So, when hubby was attending the graduation ceremony, I continued to knit his shawl.  And finished, right after the ceremony ended. And for years too, this shawl--he always carried it everywhere. He said, when the scarf was worn, it was reminded him of me.

as his side dishes, i made chicken katsu, bean sprouts in yellow spice, and quail egg satay. My friend on facebook asked me to write the recipes here. so then, i'll do it. :)

Chiken Katsu
English Recipe
You'll need :
chicken fillet
wheat flour
beaten egg
pepper, salt to taste
garlic powder
instant chicken broth powder
bread crumbs 
and oil to fry

How to :
  1. Mix the flour, beaten egg, pepper and salt, garlic powder and broth powder with water--stir well.
  2. Dip the chicken, one by one into the batter flour, then roll in the bread crumbs. Do the same with the rest.
  3. Stored briefly in the fridge, for 20 minutes.
  4. Fry with oil over medium heat until cooked. Remove and drain

Indonesian Recipe
You'll need :
dada ayam fillet
tepung terigu
telur kocok
lada halus, garam
bubuk bawang putih
kaldu bubuk
tepung roti
minyak untuk menggoreng

Cara memasak :
  1. Campur tepung, telur, lada, garam, bubuk bawang putih, dan kaldu ayam bersama air. aduk rata, sampai adonan licin tidak berbutir.
  2. Celupkan ayam, satu per satu, ke dalam adonan tepung lalu gulingkan di atas tepung roti. Lakukan sampai dada ayam fillet habis.
  3. Simpan sebentar di dalam lemari pendingin, kira-kira 20 menit lamanya.
  4. Goreng dalam minyak panas, dengan api sedang hingga matang. Angkat dan tiriskan. 
 For the vegetable dish :
Bean Sprouts in Yellow Spice
English Recipe
You'll need :
bean sprouts
garlic chives
bay leaves
chicken broth
coconut milk
Mash these :
salt to taste

How to :
  1. Saute until fragrant, the spices that have been mashed with bay leaves, and galangal.
  2. Add the bean sprouts and chives, stir well.
  3. Add sugar and the broth. 
  4. Pour the coconut milk, and cook until the sauce thickens and the spice seeps.

Indonesian Recipe
bahan :
daun salam
kaldu ayam
haluskan :
bawang merah
bawang putih
garam, secukupnya

Cara memasak :
  1. Tumis hingga haru, bumbu-bumbu yang dihaluskan bersama daun salam dan lengkuas.
  2. Masukkan tauge dan kucai, aduk.
  3. Tambahkan gula dan kaldu bubuk.
  4. Tuang santan, dan masak sampai kuah menyusut dan bumbu meresap.
Easy to make aren't they ? Try them at home, or as your bento's filling. Anyway, besides his fruit fiesta (apple, banana and strawberries), i also made him chocolate cupcakes

with strawberries garnish. My friends asked me for the recipe too. :D So, here it is : 

Chocolate Cupcakes
You'll need :
liquid milk
wheat flour
chocolate powder
baking soda
baking powder
and :
melted chocolate
as the garnish

How to :
  1. First, prepare the steamer for steaming. And cover the cupcakes pan with paper cup.
  2. Melt the margarine with milk.
  3. Beat eggs with sugar, add the flour, chocolate powder, baking soda and baking powder. Stir batter.
  4. Pour the melted margarine (with milk), stir well.
  5. Pour into the cupcakes pan and steam for 25 minutes. 
  6. Decorative cake with melted chocolate and strawberries
That's all girls. Remember, cook when your heart is good :) 
Kisses, love and hugs !


na said... and hug too....

Bunda zahraa said...

@na : *bear hugs --again

TJ said...

That is such a sweet story! And don't worry, the bento still looks awesome!

Bunda zahraa said...

@TJ : Thank you TJ..I'm still thinking that today's bento weren't so good T___T but i do love the fact that hubby loves me through the story :D :D :D

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