Friday, March 18, 2011

Boy & Girl Bibimbap

Happy Friday!
In a week, Friday is the day that I've been waiting for. Why?--Because that day is the last working-day for hubby in a week. It means, He'll be free on Saturday and Sunday. Yee-aay! ^^d

I have no thoughts at all for today's mini bentos menu. So then, I think--it will be easier and fast if i make bibimbap. And it was. 

These are the mini bentos. Bibimbap for everyone. See the picture? I didn't do anything to it. No editing on my PC, just giving the logo--that's all. But how amazing the color is..the bright full orange from carrots, dark green from spinach, light green from zucchini,  the black and brown from minced-meat and champignon mushroom , the yellow tinge from the egg, and clean white from the rice. My friends on my facebook said, it looks refreshing! I'm thinking of "vegetables market" when i see this. :D Korean people love this so much. It represents the 5 nature elements of : Air, Water, Fire, Earth and--the Copper? (i forgot the last element.. :D). 

After making those mini bentos, I still have the leftovers. So then, I put them to hubby's tier. 

But since he already has this menu for several times, then i make the bento more cute for today--at least for me, it's cute :D. I make fried rice with tomato sauce, and forming it into balls. Make the hair, the eyes, the smile, from nori cut. And i make a pair of them, a boy and a girl. I put white-plain rice as the base, and arrange the bibimbap ingredients on the top. Put the fried-rice, and give some slices of sunkists and apple. There you go..

As the salad section, I made another version of rainbow salad. Today, i'm using cucumber (kyuri) and tomatoes. With the same dressing like yesterday, but i change the garlic powder to red-onion and give some sugar. Put it in the fridge, the salad will taste refreshing. :)

Oh, this morning, hubby went to work, bringing the mini bentos with him. After 10-15 minutes, he was arrived at the office, and immediately sent me an instant message. It said : "The first buyer is Mr.Apep"... second later, he messaged me again "..and now, they're sold out!". Yippiiiieeee.... :D Happy fridaaaay :D


funnie said...

bibimbap..bibimbapp....i want it...:D

Bunda zahraa said...

@funnie : try to make it!! :D kalau sudah sering bikinnya, ngga pake takaran-takaran lagi fan. ya waktu ya rasa. :)

Shannon said...

I love the idea of a bento business, congratulations girl! I would be so happy to go into work and have someone sell me yummy food!

Bunda zahraa said...

@shannon: thank you shannon.. :) but i'm still trying to find the appropriate portion according to the price. My customer keep saying that the portion is too small, while in the other hand--they're keep asking for the lower price. LOLs.

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