Monday, March 21, 2011

The posting which had forgotten to post.

Actually, this is my last week's post (March, 10th). On my facebook i gave the "No grains for today" as the tittle. But it seems i forget to post it, cause when I was looking for this bento article, i couldn't find it anywhere on my blog. So here they are, hubby's menus on his 10th March bento :

A lil bit pale in tones :) 
I made an ifu-mie (ifu noodle) wannabe--Ifu noodle is a kind of Chinese food. These foods have shaped bakmie boiled and then fried again until crisp-shaped nest. Then on top of it doused with vegetable stir, usually cap cay.
Ifu noodles are also popular in Indonesia and are often eaten on special occasions.

But since i didn't do any boiling the noodle first, and shaped it in to the nest form, so then i say it as ifu-noodle wannabe. I added some tofu too as the side dishes, while the vegetable stir (it's carrot and champignon) was putted in the separated tier, so hubby could re-heat it again when it will be eaten.

I was affraid that the portion won't enough for him that day, so i made a fuchili with minced meat too. 

Hubby said, he was full enough after eating these menus. Glad to know that :) As the colors added, i arranged these fruits in the another tier :

sunkists, black watermelon, green aples, strawberries and kyurii. 
sorry for the delay girls :)

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