Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Soldier!!

A brand new day! another week for bento creations. Happy morning girls.. ^^

Today is a special day for us. It's hubby's birthday! Yee-aay :D
Actually, I really wanted to make a special bento for him today. But then after it finished, it looks the same as before. -______-' nothing special at all :D

I put a cap and a gray shawl as the background on his bento picture. Those are--two items of five--my birthday present for him. He has 'going to Japan' schedule, at the end of the year, to attend international architecture seminar. And since he has nothing to ask as his birthday present, so i thought it would be more useful, if i buy him things that he'll may need on his trip to Japan (which according to the weather reports, it'll be winter). I know, there are still several months to go, but lets say these stuffs as the beginning :) 

Hubby said, that he missed his old bento (means, my earlier bento, the first one). And he asked for that today. I just make him plain onigiris with chicken teriyaki. But instead sausage/bratwurst, i grilled him a Puket mackerel with teriyaki marinade and dabu-dabu condiment.

I also make him goulash fern--with traditional recipe. Try this :

 English Recipe
you'll need to cut off the fern-leaves from it's hard tough stem
then wash and rinse cleanly  

for the spice you'll need to mash these: 
And you'll need these too :
lemongrass leaves
red-chili (sliced thinly)
water to boil
salt, sugar to taste
how to :
  1. cut meat into small pieces, then boiled until cooked. 
  2. Saute the mashed spices along with bay leaves, lemongrass leaves and galangal. Add the sliced chili. saute until cooked.
  3. pour the sauteed spices into the stew water. Boil it with medium heat.
  4. Add the fern and the scallions, the sugar and salt to taste, stir well and boil with low heat until cooked and the spices seep. 
Indonesian Recipe
pisahkan daun pakis dari batangnya yang keras
cuci bersih

bumbu halus :
bawang merah
bawang putih


bumbu lainnya:
daun salam
cabai merah, iris tipis
daun bawang, iris kasar
air untuk merebus
garam dan gula

cara memasak :
  1. Didihkan air, rebus daging (bisa juga tetelan) yang sudah dipotong-potong hingga matang dan cukup lunak. sisihkan.
  2. tumis bumbu halus bersama daun salam, daun sereh, dan lengkuas hingga harum. Tambahkan cabai iris dan tumis hingga matang.
  3. masukkan bumbu tumisan ke dalam air rebusan daging, aduk rata. didihkan dengan api sedang.
  4. masukkan daun pakis dan daun bawang, garam dan gula, dan masak dengan api kecil. 
    I give up with baking cakes -______-'
    Although, i'm still trying to make the right ones. Last night, i baked this brownies. But it's texture was too hard, because i baked it in the oven for more than the exact time. Hubby said : "there's always be the first for everything" and my first brownies is good enough (he likes the taste, he said). 
    the brownies with heart shape
    but I assure you, that i'm a delicious fruit-salad maker. Especially if i make it at my parents' house, cause there, my mother always buys me a good quality of mayo. Hubby's fruit salad only contains of papaya, melon and bali black grapes.

    My new customer asked me for a bento today. So i make another portion for him :

    And the mini bentos for today are the same menus with hubby's, but smaller portion.

    there you go. Happy birthday hubby..I know I often equate you with the bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan--
    guess which one is my husband is ? LOLs
    but you always know that you are more good looking than Sharukh Khan itself. And i'm so glad to have you. You are a good husband, and gonna be a good father indeed. I love you. --


    ade said...

    papa denyo love this special menu, 4 thumbs up!! papa denyo also like to be compare by papa khan.. :P

    Bunda zahraa said...

    @ade : I love you hubby ! :)

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