Thursday, April 14, 2011

Javanese bibimbap a.k.a PECEL ! ^______^

another colorfull bento!! ^____^
looks like bibimbap huh? :D
but this is 100% INDONESIAN. we call it with 'pecel'.
different from korean bibimbap, all the veggies here are boiled and plain. We do not eat this with gochujang, but instead with chilli pasta, we mix it with peanut sauce. we also add fried tempeh and tofu as the additional dishes.
while in the other tier, we have brown rice, with fried shrimp in condiment, fried egg (sunny egg-but i roll it so it looks more stylish :p), and some mixed fruit. lovely..

actually this theme caused by friend's request, he said he misses Indonesia so much after years in Brunei.  he misses his homeland's cuisine. and he asked me to make bento si ayah with the original indonesian contents.

this morning, after i tagged him on this photo at my facebook, he said,
"I miss my home so badly, thanks to you, for making the traditional ones and tagging me on the cures my homesickness..."

I'm so pleased to know that.. :,)
wishing him to get home soon....



Anonymous said...

kangenya g ilang malah tambah :(
ngeces tiap liatin photo..
musti cari resto indonesia yg jual pecel hehehe

Bunda zahraa said...

sulistyanto : artinya, setiap kangen, setiap kepengen ngences, wajib nyambangi blog ini :D :D

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ said...

your indonesian style of bibimbap does looks delicious! :D

Cooking Gallery said...

I love this...! This looks so traditional and delicious :D). Salam kenal ya :)

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