Wednesday, April 6, 2011


what a busy day!
goede middag girls  \^___^/

Indeed a busy day--even days.

Just on this beginning of week, I've started another online shop. 
Quite smoothly with my first e-shop of educative toys liliput for kids, now i make the liliput for moms and gadgets bento si ayah. For 3 years i've dream to make another branch of liliput for kids, named as liliput for moms. It'll sells things that mommies need. Now, the dream comes true. 

my first original brand : Liliput

dream comes true-my second brand : Liliput for moms
While gadgets bento si ayah actually came from friends on my facebook that asked me, not only to write the review of dailies bento si ayah, but also sells the gadgets that bento si ayah needs in making. That's because, lots of them eager to make bento, but didn't have the gadgets cause the difficulties in finding them or the expensive prices. my gratitude for them *
my bento e-shop for bento gadgets
but, for now, i only sale them through my facebook. i haven't made the blog yet. only liliput for kids, but in indonesian, not yet in english. Check it out on here

for today's bento i made the aishiteru theme.
like usual, i never did have any ideas or plans before i made the bento. like today..

do you see the mantou? according to Wikipedia,
Mantou, often referred to as Chinese steamed bun/bread, is a kind of steamed bun originating in China. They are typically eaten as a staple in northern parts of China where wheat, rather than rice, is grown. They are made with milled wheat flour, water and leavening agents. In size and texture, they range from 4 cm, soft and fluffy in the most elegant restaurants, to over 15 cm, firm and dense for the working man's lunch. (As white flour, being more heavily processed, was once more expensive, white mantou were somewhat of a luxury in preindustrial China.)
i was curious. Usually we consumed this by buying them from the They have the marvelous and cute shapes. So i tried to make it by myself. This is my first time. :)

The sticky dough and the difficulties in forming them, were paid with the scent from the steamed bun and the taste. i love it so much T___T (even though the shape is horrible and quite simple :D)--the shortcoming is only on the fact that the bun turns to a bit hard if cold :D. well, cause of that, i tell hubby to put the buns in the rice cooker for 10 minutes before the lunchtime. anyway, i brought him 3 buns here. they're about 5 x 3 cm. But hubby said, he's full enough only with two buns. So he gave the rest to his coworker.
and, do you see the apple craft? it says "Ai"--the japanese means "love". yes, at first i didn't have any ideas for today's theme. but then i saw the buns... i made them with love, indeed. so, i thought, why don't we use the 'love' theme for today. Then i asked hubby to search for the picture of this word in japanese. He wrote it on the paper .. very stiff :D that paper is my guidance in making the apple's craft. I put some heart picks to emphasized the atmosphere.

here they are! the dishes that made hubby goes mad :D He looooooooooooooves these so much. And just after the dish cooked, hubby stood in front of my kitchen's door and asked me "can i have my breakfast earlier pleeeeaasee" --after i gave him a little try for the dish.
well, this is gyoza. This is what Wikipedia said :
Jiǎozi 餃子 or 饺子 (Chinese transliteration), gyōza (Japanese transliteration), Mo:Mo: or Momocha म:म: or ममचा (Nepali transliteration), or pot sticker is a Chinese dumpling widely spread to Japan, Eastern and Western Asia.
Jiaozi typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. Jiaozi should not be confused with wonton: jiaozi have a thicker, chewier skin and a flatter, more oblate, double-saucer like shape (similar in shape to ravioli), and are usually eaten with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce (and/or hot chili sauce); while wontons have thinner skin, are sphere-shaped, and are usually served in broth. The dough for the jiaozi and wonton wrapper also consist of different ingredients.
I made the filling from the mixture of shredded cabbage,  well cooked beef diced in the very small cut--like minced meat, grated ginger, scallions, garlic, soyu, and olive oil.  If you like, you can make the filling from almost every things..minced chicken fillet, vegetables (for the vegen), shrimp, sausage, anything :)
as vegetable-dish, i made him "cauliflower in sweet gravy". this is a perfect combination! :D Well, below, is hubby's breakfast :
so humble isn't it :D and i made one too for hubby's coworker. there you go girls, bento si ayah for wednesday!! 

love, kisses and hugs.


capcaibakar said...

liliput for moms dan gadgets bento si ayah ada halaman fb nya? boleh minta linknya *semangat belanja*

Bunda zahraa said...

@capcaibakar : halo :D :D belum ada page khususnya sist, add fb saya aja dulu sist :D

KidsDreamWork said...

Congrats for the new online shop, and what a lovely unplanned bento! :)

Bunda zahraa said...

@kidsdreamwork : I'm so sorrryyyyy.....i haven't opened the blog for a week, so i didn't read your sweet comment...:D thank you dear. xoxo

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