Thursday, May 12, 2011

My hectic days--the forgotten bentos

i know--i know..
blame me for being so long neglected this blog and forgotten to write any new bentos i've made >>>guilty face

anyway, i go to deep with my new activities. i have to take care hubby's need in every days' food supplying--house works--while on the other side, i have to deal with the creative stuffs (making handmade toys), look after the bento club with beloved friends from 3 different countries (now, we have reached 101 indonesian members and continue to grow in number since the bento club was held on last week in the month of April 2011), and lead a garment business and consumer goods too. 

ok i admit it.
it was hectic days to live. :,)

i've got my first alert here. yesterday, the doctor said that i've got variant angina. it's a syndrome typically consisting of angina (cardiac chest pain) at rest that occurs in cycles. It is caused by vasospasm, a narrowing of the coronary arteries caused by contraction of the smooth muscle tissue in the vessel walls rather than directly by atherosclerosis (buildup of fatty plaque and hardening of the arteries). It occurs more in younger women . Two-thirds of patients have concurrent atherosclerosis of a major coronary artery   >>> hard words to understand huh? :D in short words,  i have to slow down a moment. 

well, i cut off the communication on my facebook, the blogs, phone--for these few days, and take some rest. I've been neglected some questions, orders and cooperation offers. i'm so sorry for the inconveniences of all my costumers. but i assure you, this is the best for now. and i'll be back soon.

so, since i have lots of spare time today, let me share you the bentos that i've been made for days behind.

1. still remember the javanese bibimbap a.k.a pecel at my last post? still with  the traditional concept, on april the 18th, i made this :
my review on that day was : "since i overslept this morning, and i haven't cooked the rice yet, and i ruined the dish recipe too..T___T (great!) well, i finally ended up with this bento : hot plain rice with egg curry spice and the gardenia fish in tauco sauce..."

2. on April the 25th, i've made this one :
it was kimbap--the korean sushi. i made this not with the bamboo sushi mat, but only with clean napkin. it shows that, you don't really have to try so hard to have the japanese stuffs for making the japanese cooks. you can use the other equipments at your kitchen to help you. anyway, we had some arguing stuffs on the day before. at the morning, i've made him this as mark of my apology..and very grateful for having such a patient hubby like him :
i'm sorry for what i did before,
you know the reason WHY i did it,
though i messed it up, and we all make mistakes.
i had no idea what i was getting myself into,
but anyways, i just wanted to say,
that i am really sorry.
i ♥ u
3. on April 26th, i decided to make the korean dishes for hubby's bento today. there were korean hamburger and korean pancakes. :) i made the photoshop writing there of korean that said : Annyonghaseo. i've thought it's a korean for : "bon appetit"..but then someone told me, that it isn't. anyonghaseo is a greeting word like "hai", "hello" something like that. After this silly simple mistake, friends from the bento club called me with "Mrs. Anyong--haseo" :D :D i often laugh at this. but i love it :,)

 4. April 27th, actually I am more familiar with "kimchi bokkeumbap". It's a popular variety of fried rice prepared with Korean pickled cabbage. But since hubby doesn't really like kimchi, so, i skipped the kimchi thing--and left only the "bokkeum bap"--fried rice. but different with the fried rices from many other countries, this bokkeum bap doesn't need any seasoning instead salt, and sweet soya sauce if you like it. But even though the seasons are simple, it tastes rich. bokkeum bap is using three kind of vegetables, so those make bokkeumbap as a healthy dish!

and this time, the writing is correct !!! :D (it's korean for "fried rice"--bokkeumbap)

5. April 29th, I was trying to make the kyaraben (charaben--character bento). but i knew, it didn't work :D actually i was trying to make chicks here, but instead make them, i was give a try to my new bento kit of character cutter---and made this fat yellow couple.
i made grilled chicken tulips and the egg plants burgers----i know--it looks horrible huh ? :D

6. May, 9th, hubby asked me again to make him bento after being absent for a week. I didn't make something special, but he liked it :

the onigiris were formed to triangle shape and i put some flavor on it before. i gave rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt and sugar. the dishes were baby kailan in oyster sauce, tamagoyaki, and tilapia fish in dabu-dabu condiment. 

7. my latest bento. i've made this--just yesterday. with the bad condition of my angina, i still forced my hubby to go to work, caused i knew that he got lots of things to do. the angina got worst after i made this. and hubby insisted not to go to work at the end. well, this is the simplest bento i ever made : the rice burger. 

that's all :) i'm trying to consistent in making the bento for hubby these days. but i knew that i couldn't do it better than these. after all..he still loves me so much. and i do too :,)



ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ said...

Hi Liza! Missed all the bentos from you! Do take gd care of your health.. :)

KidsDreamWork said...

Oh dear, please take good care yeah and get well soon!

Bunda zahraa said...

@kidsdreamwork : Thank you :,) i am now, getting better trough days. xoxo

Bunda zahraa said...

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ : i miss u too dear!! :,) it's been a long time since my last visit to yours :D thank you..i'm ok now, much better :) *smoochy

rustka said...

semoga tetep sehat selalu yah mbak, bentonya lucu2.. salam dari bento mania

Bunda zahraa said...

mba rutska : terimakasih :) sudah lama tidak membento, ini artikel terakhir saya. setelahnya ada beberapa. tp belum sempat saya posting. salam sayang untuk bento mania ! keep on !

Obat Kista Bartholin said...

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